Ostemer 220 Litho



Ostemer 220 Litho is a single-cure Ostemer adapted for high aspect ration patterning using photomasks. The surface features active thiol-groups that can be used for direct grafting of surface modifications. For example, this resin is very attractive for creating capillary structures with tailored wicking speeds.

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Ostemer 220 Litho is developed for use with photomasks to manufacture high aspect ratio structures with an active surface of thiol-groups, that can be used for direct grafting of surface modifications after micro-patterning. For example, this resin is very attractive for creating capillary structures with tailored wicking speeds.

Note that the resin is liquid during exposure and therefore plastic masks that can be peeled off, or proximity mode exposure is recommended for stiff masks. This is a UV-cure system only and does not require additional heating.

  • Rapid turn around times
  • High aspect ratio structures
  • Chemically reactive surfaces (thiol groups)

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Pot-life after mixing

Minmum 12 hours if protected from light

Exposure wavelength

365 nm

Young's modulus

5-7 MPa


Optically clear, slight yellow color