The OSTEMER products are a part of Mercene Labs AB, a Swedish company developing new engineering polymers with both processing and end-properties tailored for microstructuring applications. Our patented OSTEMER dual cure technology features a two-step thiol-ene-epoxy curing mechanism that enables the casting of polymer structures with a built-in dry epoxy glue that allows uncomplicated integration with many different types of materials.  The OSTEMER polymers  have been shown to solve important manufacturing problems in a wide range of fields; for example in microfluidics, lab-on-chip assembly, organ-on-a-chip as well as for metallized high precision parts for telecom industry.

Our goal: to bridge the gap between prototyping and manufacturing Our goal is to provide researchers and product developers worldwide with a toolbox to rapidly transition from design to prototype and eventually to volume production. By addressing issues that are particularly important in microfabrication; feature precision, surface properties and chemical and mechanical robustness our polymers addresses an important gap in the available materials supply. Through the best technical support and constant product innovation we will be the number one material choice for prototyping and manufacturing of advanced microsystems in plastics.  Over the past few years we have delivered products that have catered to the needs of hundreds of researchers and developers worldwide. 

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