What our users are saying…

OSTEmer has made it possible for our research team to improve the robustness and reliability of our lab-on-a-chip platforms by providing cost-effective rapid prototyping with a high degree of flexibility. Given the multitude of possible applications in microfluidic cell-chip applications, I believe that future LOC systems will be made using hybrids OSTEmer.

Peter Ertl

Professor, Lab-on-a-Chip Systems in Bioscience Technologies, TU Wien

I have been using OSTEMER for in vitro cell culture applications with integrated sensor systems. The introduction of the thiol-ene-epoxy thermoset to our laboratory simplified the integration of additional functional units, increased the durability of hybrid chips and enabled the fabrication of complex multi-layered structures.

Drago Sticker

Postdoc, Analytical Biosciences, University of Copenhagen

I have been using the OSTEMER resins for over a year to build microfluidic devices for my PhD projects. OSTEMER resins allowed me to rapidly iterate new designs and build sturdy nice looking chips. I have been using it to mold microfluidic cartridges and also bonding the chips to silicon or glass without surface treatment which is very useful! This is a very handy building material to have in every microfluidic lab!

Alexander Vastesson

PhD student, Micro- and nanosystems, Royal Institute of Technology