OSTEMER resins

A new family of UV and heat cured thermoset polymers (known as OSTE based polymers) developed specifically for the requirements of lab-on-chips and microfluidics manufacturing.

A material toolbox for microsystems

for fast-turn prototyping and volume production of polymer articles, with features specifically developed for micro- and nanosystems.


Photostructured meshed pillar array in OSTEMER 200 Litho

Features for microsystems


Build-in adhesive

A two-stage curing reaction enables bonding at low temperatures and eliminates the need of plasma or glue.


Surface modification

Natively slightly hydrophobic surface and built-in anchors to simplify surface modification.

Ostemer Flexible manufacturing

High replication accuracy

Low viscosity resin that can be casted, injection reaction molded or spun on wafer for very thin layers.

From lithography to injection molding


Molding resins for rapid UV-casting

Injection Reaction Molding

Reaction injection molding  resins for volume production.


Lithography resins for clean-room processing